Free website value and worth calculator, with analysis and statistics
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Website2Value understands how important website research can be, whether it's because you are buying or selling websites, domains, improving SEO or just analyzing the competition.
Website2value is a great tool that is optimized for all aspects of website research purposes. Anyone can use it to statistically analyze any site on the web in great detail. Here you can browse the alexa ranking, page rank, adsense link income, DMOZ info, search engine backlinks, indexed pages, website registration and expiration dates and much more to estimate its website market value in an instant.
It's very simple to use. Just enter the domain that you would like to analyze. It only takes a couple of moments to profile the website you are analyzing. In order for website2value to calculate a websites final worth, many details must be taken into account such as its keywords, site stats, indexed backlinks, search engine traffic and competition and domain registration data. Website2value uses a complex array of algorithms to arrive at its final value.
Websites that are profiled by website2value are saved to our database. This lets you come back and compare the websites value and statistics at a later date. This is a very important feature if you are tracking a websites value as it changes over time. If you are running a website or online business you may know how difficult it can be to optimize it. Website2value can help you improve your website by analyzing your website or the website of your competitors to give you a clear and detailed image of its valuation.
Website2Value can be used for analyzing any website at any time as frequently as you like. Results are displayed in a very detailed manner that is easy to read, reliable and very convenient. Whether you are using website2value in order to improve your own website, purchase an established website, analyzing the competition or just for research purposes, website2value is completely free to use. Thank you for your interest.